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Reflections for Sunday Liturgy

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Reflections from Logos Missalette, Greystones, Co Wicklow

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Holy Week – Passion/Palm Sunday – 2015.

In many of life’s sufferings there are the hidden sufferers.  In the passion we remember many of them…they are unknown and their pain is hidden.  One is Mary, mother of Jesus. We hear little of her except at the cross. But the belief is that she was there, with her sister, a few women and John the apostle.  Others too - women of Jerusalem, the one we call Veronica – and the ones not mentioned.  Unnamed friends gathered at a distance. People suffered through loving Jesus; others made him suffer, but in the pain of loved ones we suffer too.

Mary is the patron of the co-sufferer. The carers, the ones who stand by; family of a dying child; people in Al anon, family of addiction victims, prisoners…through the crimes, sins or just human weakness of loved ones we suffer.  We can feel helpless while others we  love suffer, sometimes at the hands of others or through the greed of others, violence or abandonment. 

When things are bad we need others.  So Jesus had the active love of Simon and others who are mentioned; he also had the unnamed  ones onm the way to Calvary – people who said a prayer for him, gave himm a smile or maybe offered a cup of cold water. . 

The reading of the passion tonight reminds us of Jesus’ awful time, and also of the way he suffers now today.

The story of the passion expands our love - the ones Jesus died for are the whole human race – his  body and blood give for all.  Many give this sort of love in life,  and we give thanks for them and know that  Mary is on their side also, knowing from the inside what it is like to share the pain of another you love.

Donal Neary SJ. 



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