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candlesWe Remember in November....



All our loved ones who are no longer with us and the names on our altar list of the dead.



Advent in St Francis Xavier's, Gardiner Street

3rd December

Mass at 11am for the Feast of St Francis Xavier
Homily: Fr Murt Curry SJ

7th December

Advent Family Mass at 12.30pm. All Welcome!

16th December

Liam Lawton Concert at 8pm - Doors open at 7.30pm - Tickets €10 on sale in the office.

17th December

Gardiner Street Primary School Nativity Play at 1.45pm.

20th December

Special Fr John Sullivan Mass at 1pm to celebrate his being declared Venerable by Pope Francis on 7th November.

24th December

Confessions 11.30 to 1pm and 5.15 to 5.45.

Masses at 8.30am and 11am.

No Mass at 1pm.separator

OSSROM12183 LancioGrande“The Church must not shine of her own light”


To be faithful to Christ, the Church must be humble and poor. And she must not be tempted “to shine of her own light”. Instead, she must give God’s light to the world. This was Francis’ message at this morning’s mass in St. Martha’s House,Vatican Radioreports.

Francis spoke about two attitudes, illustrating these with the story of the widow who
under Jesus' gaze gives her only two coins to the temple treasury, while the rich gave larger amounts of money without it making any difference to them. One of the attitudes is giving a lot and making a public show of it because there is one kind of wealth that feeds on ostentation and takes pleasure in vanity. The other is giving the little one has without attracting attention to oneself, unless it is God’s attention, because He is everything in which we trust. These two attitudes are also found in the Church: there is “the poor Church which should not have any other riches other than her Spouse,” like the widow at the temple.

"I like to see the Church in this figure, the Church which is, in a sense, a widow, because she waiting for her Bridegroom who will return ... But she has her Bridegroom in the Eucharist, in the Word of God, in the poor, yes: but she is still waiting for his return. This is the attitude of the Church... This widow was not important, the widow’s name did not appear in the newspapers. No one knew her. She had no university degrees... nothing.  Nothing. She did not shine of her own light. This is what makes me see the Church in the figure of this woman. The Church must not shine on her own light, but the light that comes from her Bridegroom. That comes right from her Bridegroom. And over the centuries, when the Church wanted to have her own light, she was wrong.”


from: http://www.lastampa.it/2014/11/24/esteri/vatican-insider/en/the-church-must-not-shine-of-her-own-light-LUXWSrJz2t3901utadWgrN/pagina.html


clockOpening Hours of the Church

8.15am - 6.00pm except for weekends - opens at 9.45am - 7 pm on Saturdays and 9.00 am - 1 pm on Sundays.

OFFICE   ---   9.30-8.30.   Closed 1.00-1.30, Mon to Fri.
SAT - 10-1.00;   Sunday - 9.30-1.00.

Welcome to visitors. An illustrated history of the church can be had in the parish office free of charge.


Jesus sower parable


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Gardiner Street, Dublin 1

Tel: 01 8363411

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Parish/Church Staff:
Fr Donal Neary SJ PP.
Fr Fergus O Donoghue SJ PC
Mr Seamus Buckley, Assistant for Liturgy and Faith Development
Fr Paddy Carberry SJ, Ignatian Outreach
Br Tom Phelan SJ, Office Manager
Jesuits from the community also assist in the church.

Parish Council:
Chair: Mr Aidan Seery   Secretary: Ms Clare Fallon

Director of Church Choir and Organist:  Ms Denice Doyle
Director of the Gardiner St Gospel Choir:  Mr Kevin Kelly


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